Two Year Olds

Bernadette Knight – Teacher 2’s
  • Karla Vedder – Asst. 2’s
Sheila Wilcox – Teacher 2’s
  • Tami Stafford – Asst. 2’s

Three Year Olds

Courtney Miller – Teacher Young 3’s
  • Cathy Huennekens – Asst. Young 3’s
Keri Pitman – Teacher 3’s
  • Christina Pestow – Asst. 3’s
Bernadette Knight – Teacher 3’s
  • Karla Vedder – Asst. 3’s
Michele Beck – Teacher 3’s
  • Cara Watson – Asst. 3’s

Four Year Olds

Julie Ristow – Teacher 4’s
  • Jessica Lang – Asst. 4’s
Elaine Rushworth – Teacher 4’s
  • Sharon Klinkroth – Asst . 4’s
Jessica Pestow – Teacher 4’s
  • Mandy Turner – Asst. 4’s
Mary Jane Simpson – Teacher 4’s
  • Annette Brogdon – Asst. 4’s
Marie Schoup – Adv. K4 Teacher
  • Karly Headen – Asst. Adv-K4


Mary Moody – Teacher
  • Kim O’Connor – Asst.

Music & Administration

Kelly Hall – School Director
Melanie Green – Administrative Assistant
Kim O’Connor – Music Director
Amanda Didia – Lead VPK Substitute
Melanie Green – Administrative Assistant
Jessica Turley – Curriculum and Volunteer Coordinator
Pastor Robert Roseberry – Spanish Teacher
Josh Headen – PE Teacher
Larry Huennekens – Custodian
  • All of our teachers are certified with a Child Development Associate Credential (C.D.A.), or hold college degrees in Education or Early Childhood Education.
  • All of our assistants and other staff members have received 45 required state training hours and are certified in First Aid and C.P.R.
  • The entire staff participates in four Professional Development days each year and are background-checked.